Blanco Lavender Festival - June 10 & 11, 2006 + 9 AM - 6 PM
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Lavender Farm Tours
June 10-11, 2006, 9 AM to 6 PM
Admission to the farms is free.

In Spanish, Blanco means "white." The town of Blanco was named for the limestone hills and banks along the river here. But another color has come to characterize this area: lavender—as in the pale pastel hue of small buds that bloom in late spring at the many lavender farms nestled among the region's rugged hills and live oak groves.

In honor of this exciting regional crop, the Blanco Chamber of Commerce will host the second annual Blanco Lavender Festival June 10-11. The lavender blooming season generally runs May through July.

The dry weather and alkaline limestone soils around Blanco make the area particularly suitable for growing lavender. The first commercial lavender farm in the state, called Hill Country Lavender, was started near Blanco in 1999. The climate and terrain reminded the farm's owners of Provence, where they had recently visited. After planting their lavender, they gave seminars to others who wanted to grow the beautiful flowers. Currently, more than 10 farms are located near Blanco with more farms being added every year.

During the festival, nine farms will be open to the public for tours and cutting lavender blooms. Admission to the farms is free.

Some farms are newly planted; others are well established. Visitors will be able to see the lavender farming industry in different stages of development. Since all farms are within 20 minutes driving distance, visitors can stop at several in one day. Each farm will offer activities and events related to lavender, such as classes in aromatherapy and demonstrations of lavender oil distillation.

Blanco, Texas - The Lavender Capital of Texas
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